System Update

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Newer software versions are issued from time to time, usually when there is some change in the software. It might be a fix for a problem, or new feature.

Video Tutorial

This video tutorial explains how to update the system with a newer version.


Desktop view
  1. Tabs with RepairSetup system opened.
  2. Current Version of the system.
  3. New Version of the system.
  4. Settings menu.
  5. Version of the system. This is where you can check the version at any time.

How to update

  1. When there is software update available, you will see yellow or red bar at the top of the screen, indicating that there is a new version. It shows your current version, and the newest version of the system, that has been released:
    • If the color of the bar is yellow, you can continue using the system as it is, but it is prefferable to update.
    • If the color of the bar is red, then you have to try saving your current work, and update as soon as possible, because some critical parts of the system have been updated, and you need the newest version in order to use them.
  2. In order to update, you need to close all the browser tabs, and make sure we don't have other browser tabs opened in another browser window. This is important, because if we have some leftover tabs, the system will not update.
  3. After we verify all browser tabs are closed, we reopen RepairSetup again. System may reopen, but still having the bar at the top. That is normal, but the browser actually downloads the newest version in the background. Leave the tab like that for a minute, to make sure that downloading finishes completely. After a minute, close the tab, and reopen it again.
  4. Now we see that we don't have the new version bar anymore. That is an indication that update is done.
  5. Click on the Settings in the left menu. Settings screen opens. At the bottom we see System Version, with the newest version we were updating: 2.3.0.
  6. You can use the same procedure described above for mobile devices as well, like smartphones or tablets.