Welcome to RepairSetup

RepairSetup is so called FSM(Field Service Management) software system, that aims to help organize your field operations.

You might be a small company or one man show operations:

  • Home Appliance Technician — repairing home appliances.
  • Plumber — repairing home pipe systems.
  • Handyman — doing any other general repairment.
  • Doctor — doing home visiting in current COVID-19 situation.

RepairSetup will help you keep track of your current work and documentation for a very reasonable price.


  • Insurers that you may get work from. Currently supported are American Home Shield (AHS), Home Shield Alliance (HSA), Cinch, Old Republic Home Protection (ORHP), and more added upon request. Client's Name, Address, Telephone numbers, and work details are auto-imported in the system from Insurer email and are ready for action.

  • Dispatching of home visits with full Map support.

  • Multi-user support with Admin and Technician roles. Technician can see only what they need.

  • Full mobile support, so access to the system is easy on telephone out on the field, tablet, or regular computer at the office.

  • Easy multi-tasking with support for multiple browser tabs with different documents opened at the same time.

  • Easy invoicing with just 1-click. Usually with invoice creation, it will have all fields already filled for you, and ready for print. Easy printing and keeping track of each invoice status.

  • Zero maintenance from your side, so you and your employees can use the system from everywhere with Internet access 24/7. We also will make backups, to make sure your data is safe.

  • Data return in case you happen to quit our paid services. We are obligated to return all your data collected in suitable format, and remove it from our servers. Also we will support you in migration to other system, with any technical advices.

  • Migration help in case you want to come to us from some other system. You will have our full support in gathering your data from other system, and importing it to ours.

  • inventory system, to keep track of any stock items you may work with. We are still working on it, and may be we can do it along your liking.

We are open to any suggestions from your side, and will add any functionality you may need. Just Contact Us and we will do the rest.

If interested, make sure to check ouror head to the