Wages report obtaining summarized wage information for the Technicians in the system.
Admin user will see all reports, but Technician will see only reports made for him/her.

Wages - Desktop view
Wages - Mobile view
  1. Check whether to include report in Total Sum.
  2. User being selected for the report.
  3. Name given to the report.
  4. Created shows date/time when report have been created.
  5. From shows date/time for begin of report period.
  6. To shows date/time for end of report period.
  7. Total total of all items from services included in the report.
  8. Filter opens a dialog for selecting specific reports.
  9. Pagination of the report list. You can select how many reports to see at once, and going to Next/Previous result page.
  10. RESET SELECTION button that will clear all checked reports.
  11. Total Sum shows all reports checked for summation.
  12. Add new report to the system.


Wages - Filter
  1. USER of the Wage Report to be filtered. You can select none or many options at once.
  2. RESET will clear all filters, and will show the default report list.
  3. X will close filter dialog.


Wage - Desktop view
Wage - Mobile view
  1. OPEN the printed report in browser window.

  2. PRINT the report on a printer.

  3. DOWNLOAD the report in PDF format on your device.

Wage Info

Wage - Info Pane
  1. Name of the report.
  2. Date when report have been created.
  3. User of the report being created.
  4. Start Date selects report begin period date.
  5. End Date selects report end period date.
  6. MAKE REPORT button to generate the report.

Wage Payment

Shows how report was paid to the employee.

Wage - Payment Pane
  1. Type of the payment:
    • Cash payment.
    • Check payment.
  2. Check Number used with type Check.
  3. Paid marks date of the payment.
  4. Balance Due for the payment.

Wage Other

Used for additional bonuses/expenses. Fee can be negative for penalties, as well.

Wage - Other Pane
  1. Description of the bonus/expense.
  2. Fee of the bonus/expense.
  3. Deletes the bonus/expense.
  4. +1 adds new bonus/expense.

Wage Services

Services where Technician as wage specified and are inlcuded in this wage report.

Wage - Services Pane
  1. Last Visit of the Technician for the service.
  2. Name of the service.
  3. Order shows number given by the system.
  4. Status of the service.
  5. Labor shows type of Visits Technician has done.
  6. Wage given for the service.
  7. Notes that were given for this wage.
  8. Pagination of the service list. You can select how many services to see at once, and going to Next/Previous result page.

Wage Notes

Wage - Notes Pane
  1. Notes for the report. Optional