Services report shows number of services for a given period, their status and insurer/origin.

Services - Desktop view
Services - Mobile view


Services - Report Pane
  1. Start Date for the report period.
  2. End Date for the report period.
  3. Insurance Company name where the service came from. Can select one or many insurers at once.
  4. MAKE REPORT button to generate the report.


Chart is sorted, such that most services being at specific state is at the top.
Clicking on any of the Status or chart row, will show only Services in that status.

Services - Chart Pane
  1. Status in which services are.
  2. Count how many services are in specific status.


Services - List Pane
  1. Date when service was created into the system.
  2. Status of the service.
  3. Name of the service.
  4. Insurer name where the service came from.
  5. Work Order from the insurer numbering.
  6. Pagination of the service list. You can select how many services to see at once, and going to Next/Previous result page.