Getting started

Table of Contents

This is the main screen of RepairSetup. It allows you navigate to most important parts of the system and data modification.

Desktop view
Mobile view - Menu Opened
Mobile view - Menu Closed
  1. Main Menu helps you navigate to main parts of the system. You can click on < button, to shrink the menu.
  2. Logo of RepairSetup. Clicking on it with middle mouse button, will open another tab of the system, which is very convenient for multitasking.
  3. Opened documents shows currently opened documents in order of opening. Clicking on any document will go to that document. Any modified, but not saved documents will be marked with RED.
  4. Refresh the currently opened document from the server, loosing any local and not saved modifications.
  5. Current user will open dialog showing currently logged in user, and button for Log out.(Not visible in Mobile View because of the menu) Log out is not available in Demo
  6. Save currently opened document.
  7. Help opens RepairSetup documentation describing currently opened document.
  1. Work Plan shows all Visits user needs to make for the day.
  2. Calendar shows all Visits for selected Day/Week/Month and user.
  3. Clients lists all clients in the system.
  4. Services lists Waiting services in the system, sorted with latest first.
  5. Search allows you to search the system database for specific Client or Service.
  6. Invoices lists invoices in the system.
  7. Reports available in the system.
  8. Inventory keeps track of all items/parts that are available in company warehouse as well as in each of Users/Technicians.
  9. Settings is used to configure different options that will be used in the rest of the system.