There are five main type of documents in RepairSetup, that will help you organize your tasks and client data.


Describes your client`s: Name, Address, Telephones, Notes about the client, whether he/she is an Offender, etc.
Single Client can have multiple Services, and multiple Appliances assigned to it.


Describes separate activity/repair/treating acted upon a Client. Includes parts/items used, including their prices, qty, etc. Keeps track on manual labor time, and fees.

Single Service can have multiple Visits and multiple Invoices assigned to it. However a Service can have only one Client, and it can reference Appliances only on that Client.

Also Service can include any wages given to employees doing the work. Later this wages can be processed via Wages Report.


Describes each individual visit to Client's address. Includes approximate visit type, arrival date/time, duration, and parts needed to get the job done.
Photos and Comments also can be on the Visit.


Describes each individual appliance of a single Client. Includes appliance kind, brand, model/serial numbers and Services it has been part of.


Describes each payment done by a Client or an Insurer you may work with, to a single Service. Includes parts/items, labor, discount given, and its status.
Further invoice processing may be done with Invoice Report.

Below is graphical representation of document relation

Document Relations