Table of Contents


Appliance document is escribes each appliance/subject of repair. Each Client can have multiple Appliances.

Appliance - Desktop view
Appliance - Mobile view


Appliance - Info pane
  1. Kind of the appliance.
  2. Brand of the appliance. Optional
  3. Model number. Optional
  4. Serial number. Optional
  5. Client name and primary telephone contact. Pressing on this button will take you to Client details


Appliance can have multiple Services assigned to it. Clicking on a Service, will open it.

Appliance - Services pane
  1. Date when Service was created.
  2. Status of the service at present time.
  3. Name/title of the service.
  4. Insurer name where the service came from - optional.
  5. Work Order from the insurer numbering - optional.
  6. Own Order is a sequential number assigned from RepairSetup for each service in the system.


Appliance - Notes pane
  1. Can be used to save arbitrary text notes regarding the appliance.